a big step

"Mom LOOK! Noah is standing up on the stairs!" Jack announced to me in an excited voice today.

I came over to find Jack and Taylor surrounding Noah as he slowly placed one foot on the stair below and then the other. His chubby hand not leaving the wall beside him. He turned and beamed up at me. "Good Job! You're doing it!" I encouraged. Until now he's always crawled down backwards or held my hand.

"Noah's doing it, mom" said Tays, smiling.

"Be so careful. Go slow." said Jack.

Noah slowly descended and turned to smile at me with those charming dimples after each step. Jack and Taylor were giddy, as though they'd been showing him how to do it all of these months and their hard work was finally paying off.

I was so proud, so happy to see them be so supportive more than to see Noah master the task. I pray that as they grow up they will continue to support and cheer each other on. I love those guys.

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  1. That is so fun to see them bond as brothers like that and support each other!!


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