gearing up for a long one.

Today has started out badly. Kevin had an early morning at work which meant I got up with Jack and Tays at 6:25. It was a rough night. Something must be done about Austin. Except I'm not one who can let a baby just cry and I'm too tired to do anything besides just pull him into bed with me and feed him. I know it's my fault he's an awful sleeper, I'm just too tired to change it.

So after starting Backyardigans for the older boys I jumped in the shower to try waking myself up which helped a little. I came out to hear that Austin had woken up. As I was feeding him he stuck his little finger up my nose and scraped the inside. It hurt so badly. It gave me a bloody nose. Noah woke up with a sopping diaper. I set Austin down so I could change Noah and get Taylor a bowl of cocoa pebbles. Tays was being loud about it, so I chose to do that first but I didn't fill the bowl full enough so as I changed Noah, Taylor was saying "it's NOT big enough!" again and again. and again. Louder and louder. Austin was still crying, which stresses me out.

Finish the diaper, get tays more cereal, pick up Austin, get Noah some cereal, Jack wants toast, Tays wants toast too, Jack wants to eat on the carpet, he settles for a spot where he can be off the carpet but still see the TV, Tays wants to eat on the carpet, cries and cries, settles right in front of Jack, Jack melts down, Move Taylor, Taylor flips out, Noah gets into the m&ms, Jack wants water, Noah wants a banana, my nose starts bleeding again, Noah dumps the rest of the cocoa pepples in (all over) his bowl...

It was a bad few minutes. And I wasn't ever able to blow dry my hair (or even brush it) so now it looks like it did when I was in middle school. cute.

Oh, those naughties. What am I going to do with them for the next 8 hours until Kevin gets home? Things have calmed ... I was going to type "down substantially" but then Noah spilled his water all over Taylor's legs and it all flared up again. Ha ha. ha. . . ha.

Goals of the Day:
Be a nice mom.
Laugh instead of yelling or crying.
Do something about this hair of mine.


  1. Yikes! I'd come over and help out but I'm babysitting E's friend. Hang in there.

  2. well, if it makes you feel better, I only have one child and she got into just about as much trouble as all 4 of yours this morning! And...my hair didn't get fixed either...and I look like I did in middle school (which is not pretty)...so the hair is in pig tails today. Hang in there!

  3. Oh man! What a morning!!!

    I wish you and Austin could work something out at night, because the no-sleep funk you wrote about a few posts ago is miserable. I know its hard to hear him cry, but you guys are torturing eachother! You both need to be sleeping!!! Do you have the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child? It is the sleep BIBLE. It offers tips on how to correct sleep problems either quickly (with some crying) or gradually (with little or no crying). Now is the time to fix it!!! That feeling of freedom, knowing that you are going to get a full night's sleep, and waking up refreshed is worth it!

    That being said, this morning's events would have frazzled even a well-rested mama! :) Hope Kevin comes home quick!

  4. Seriously, Ky. I know it. I don't have that book but I'm all for trying the gradual approach if no crying is involved. I do go to bed every night with no real hope of good sleep. Sometimes he surprises me, usually not. He was a great little sleeper up until we went to Washington this summer. We all slept in the same room for a month and that threw everything off. He's never recovered.

  5. Hi :) I'm pretty sure you are my new mommy mentor!! Your goals for the day are going to be my goals everyday. It's so hard to focus and then let it all slide at the same time and there are definetly nights I get to the bed and think- was I just the meanest mom ever? I've had very similar sleep issues in the recent past and as my second little boy is turning out to be extremely clingy, I have a feeling I will be well practiced on 'what worked for me' again. We went out of town for a week and my oldest slept in the bed with us...took over a month to fix that. I started off laying in the bed with him until he fell asleep, then sitting in the bed, then sitting across the room, then standing by the door, then standing outside the closed door, to just being able to say goodnight and walk out again. Of course we occationally have to threaten to take his toy cars away for the night, but it's working out pretty well. The baby is falling into the same pattern. I change his diaper, feed, rock or pace around bouncing, put him in the crib with the ocean sounds and mobile going, stand over it replacing the pacifier as needed or holding his hand, then slowly back out of the room. I am not above him falling asleep in my arms if it means I get a whole 4 hrs of sleep at a time. We can cross those separation issues when he's not a 'baby' anymore. I'm sure you will work something out! You've done such a great job with your other three sweet boys!!

  6. I'm all with Ky (not sure who this is but I am with her). That book is the best book ever! It has really helped me with both kids, and helped me see how important sleep is to the child. It is awesome! I have a copy...send me your address and I will mail it to you this week!!! It really will change your life! Hang in there sister...you are amazing, I think about you all the time and read this little blog of yours daily. I just love it! Call me if you need some help with the sleep thing too.

  7. I read this post out loud to Sean because I could just visualize the entire series of events in my head. I hope tomorrow goes a little better. I don't have any kids, and my hair looks like it did in middle school most days.

  8. I don't know whether to laugh or cry with you ;^) it must be going around. We had a crazy morning the other day too. In fact, the whole day took about twice as long as it usually does. humm. But the good news is when the guy game to fix the internet (turns out Eric changed the pass word - hehe, woops) the internet guy went to go down to the basement (which I never do) to check the connection to the outside, he not only had to climb over the large A/C unit I had so nicely placed right in the doorway, he went down, stepped over a mouse and into about 1 foot of water. awesome. after I about died of embarrassment (however you spell that word)I had to trump down in mens size 12 water boots to kick the sump pump. Meanwhile, Ty who wouldn't nap for some reason way crying and I am pretty sure Noel was dragging him by his arms around the dinning room. Haha, oh I just love it.


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