story time, dad, & babysitting

Today I took my small gaggle of boys to the library for story time. We haven't done this for a long time, but Julie invited us along and it was a good morning for it. The boys were up and all fairly cheerful at 8 am (Jack and Tays were up at 6:30) so it was possible to have them all fed and dressed by 9:15. barely. If I could make one recommendation to mothers everywhere (myself included) it would be to have many pairs of identical easy-to-match socks in the appropriate sizes for your children and shoes that are simple to put on them. It seems like I've NEVER had that be the case for all my kids at the same time. And it drives me crazy.

Story time. We parked on the far side of the parking lot, so I had everyone hold hands until we reached the library doors. With Austin in one arm and three boys trailing behind, it was actually a really happy moment for me. A "here we are together" moment, all my boys clean and happy and holding hands. (quick, someone take a picture! this is how I'd like to remember it.) Story time was just starting when we arrived. Jack and Taylor loved it and participated cheerfully. Noah decided he was tired and wanted to go home, silly boy. He squashed on my lap with Austin and looked miserable but he behaved. The theme of the day was "bubbles" and I really like the lady who did it. She was enthusiastic and sweet with the kids. Last time the lady in charge didn't seem to even like kids. Wrong job, lady, wrong job.

As we left the library and came to the parking lot I insisted that we all needed to hold hands again. Tays refused to hold Jack's hand. "Taylor, do you want Jack to get hit by a car?" I asked. "yeah," said my cranky Taylor. "If Jack gets hit by a car, no one gets a tricker treat (this is what they call their halloween candy) when we get home." So Tays begrudgingly offered his hand and we crossed the parking lot. Not as sweet as before, but we managed to make it to the van without anyone getting hit, so that's good.

We're working on converting a room in our basement into a play room. I say "we" but so far it's been just me. After a day I still have enthusiasm for the project, so maybe it will actually come to be. I'll let you know if it does. If you hear nothing more about it, just know I meant well.

My dad is in the hospital today. He was short of breath and after several tests yesterday they found four substantial blood clots in his lungs. I talked with him today and he seems upbeat, but he'll be in the hospital for a few more days until they figure out what is going on, why he got the clots in the first place. It seems to be a sobering experience for him and everything feels a little more fragile to me too today. He received an encouraging blessing and everything seems good, but I really wish I could see him. When you come from a big family it seems like there is always something happening with someone, and often all you can do from a distance is have faith, pray, and hope for the best.

This past week I've babysat for friends 4 times (no matter how I rewrite that, it always sounds wrong: have babysitten?, maybe just I babysat? yeah, that's probably the most right. anyway..). This would have killed me in the past. KILLED ME. But the kids were pleasant and it just didn't stress me out like it used to. This isn't to say "hey! I LOVE babysitting!" Just that is didn't kill me, not even close. (again, they were really easy kids, and relatively short periods of time. but still...) And that to me is proof that I'm getting better, a little.

And finally, if you like an amusing read, stop by my sister Marlee's blog she started just for me. She rarely updates (the little punk only does what she wants, that's her motto in life) but when she does it's always entertaining, to me at least.

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  1. I love that he held his hand for the candy. That is too cute!

    Send my best to your family. I had a problem with blood clots that led to some heart issues and it all got fixed. Medicine and great doctors are really amazing!

  2. I hope they figure out what is going on with your dad soon!


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