admitting defeat

When I got this headband I thought it would be nice to post a picture of myself wearing it as a way to say thank you to to Emily of motley handmade. Good publicity, you know?

So I REALLY tried to make it look good.


This is me trying.

This is me failing.

And eventually I gave up. I was hopeless and wasn't going to move any merchandise this way.
(Don't you love Austin in these pictures though=)

SO I gave to Marlee, and she makes looking good seem effortless.

Isn't she crazy beautiful?
A much better model...almost makes me want to try again.


  1. Well, I think it looks darling on you! I just made myself a similar headband and wore it to church yesterday. I was totally conscious of it the whole time bc I'm not used to wearing headbands. But it kinda made me feel trendy. :)

  2. Love the headband! I too, have tried to wear one and have always given up. I just don't have the hair for it!

  3. I think it is super cute. I would totally wear it!

  4. you are beautiful and i thought the headband looks great on you too!!

  5. I just love you!! So for some reason I had a flashback to sitting in your parents' bathroom while you and Carrie put an entire bottle of hairspray in my hair to make part of it stick straight out--I don't even remember why we were trying so hard to make it do that, but it sure was funny.

    nonetheless, i think you can totally pull off that headband!


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