I do what I want.

This is the motto of my sister Marlee.
And last Sunday what she wanted to do was lounge on my couch wearing a Snuggie.
and for that I love her.

She was the only sister without a date for dinner on Sunday.
We were giving her a hard time about it and she responded,
"Yeah, well. I'm having the funnest, sexiest time of my life!"
(let's hope not)

Also on Sunday, Jack and Tays were being so cute. So handsome and nice.

And I have the cutest little video from Sunday night. Just Austin laughing. But I can't get it to load! Ah well. I'll try again later.

It was a really good Sunday...the funnest, sexiest time of my life, probably.

PS. Have you heard this version of "Baby it's cold outside"? I heard it on pandora this morning and am still creeped out by it. He just sounds so much older than her.
NOT festive, just creepy.

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  1. Hahah, I laughed out loud. I think I am going to have to repeat that quote somewhere! What a great sense of humor!


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