happy fellows

Why is Austin so happy? Because he's a brilliant child with a mother who loves him, of course.
(and maybe because he can now pull himself up to furniture, which seems to make his day)Why is Jack so happy?

because he's a brilliant child with a mother who loves him, of course.

(and maybe because his wonderful Auntie Marlee took him on an outing to Salt Lake today.)

Here is what he had to say about it:

"I went to the zeeum and I seed the temple but I didn't go inside. We have to get married first. I don't know what words I sposed to say. ( I was writing down what he was saying and this made him a little uneasy) We read scriptures there, earth scriptures and we were running across the road, Marlee and me. And we went and eat. And I gotted fries. I'm thirsty and tired of talking about it. I don't want to say much words. I don't like too much. I didn't feel happy when I was in the cold. (short pause) I love being a princess..."

(the princess part was actually singing. It's a song from the Backyardigans and signaled the end of his willingness to participate in this interview)

I'm not sure what "earth scriptures" are, but he seemed like he enjoyed the day a lot. He fell asleep in the car on the way home and when he woke up he was groggy and miserable. It took him a while to cheer up and remember how much fun he'd had. They went to the church history museum, temple sqare, and to lunch. He loved it. Except the cold, naturally. What a lucky little fellow he is to have Marlee in his life. I know she loves all my boys, but it seems Jack holds a special place in her heart.

and I'm totally okay with that.


  1. My grandtwins are also 9 months old and they have begun pulling themselves up too. I'm always amazed how nature just tells them to do that.

    As I read your post I noticed Marlee right away and thought, "Oh Marlee's come to visit!" I feel like I'm getting to know the family :))

  2. Is it sad that I have that song stuck in my head now? Because it is. Your boys are just adorable. I love Austin's cute chubby little legs!


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