Just a happy musical day.

Today the boys and I went down and picked up Marlee, who had an empty afternoon. On the way down, Jack and I discussed the sun, moon, and stars. We talked about how stars are out all of the time, but that the sun is so bright, so we can't see them. We also talked about how the moon doesn't give off it's own light, but just reflects the light of the sun. Both of these facts blew his little mind. I love how curious he is about the world and am excited to have more intelligent conversations with my boys. They were all so sweet. I didn't turn on the radio. We just talked about the sky and sang twinkle little star, then ABC's...because in Taylor's mind you can't sing one without singing the other. Noah had a little fever today, so I hope (pray!) we're not delving back in to the isolated world of the sick. Please let him be better tomorrow. Please.

Kristen and Gavin came up for dinner tonight. After dinner Kevin had church meetings and we watched Calamity Jane. Have you seen it? It's a fun little musical and we quote it a lot amongst eachother. They just don't make movies like they used to.

There's nothing like watching a movie with my sisters. We laugh at all the same things and can agree on all the same parts we want to fast forward.

Then we watched men's figure skating and ate pie. Marlee brought her ipod, so instead of listening to the classical music they skate to, we muted it and she picked other songs. Hillary Duff, Britney Spears, Lady GaGa, Kady Perry...It was SO funny and I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. These men in tight little glitter encrusted outfits skating their hearts out to "just dance" "hot and cold" and "crazy." It definitely ranks in my top 5 Olympic watching experiences.

And tomorrow is Friday! I'm going to try to get everything else done tomorrow so we can just focus on the chairs and relaxing this weekend. Relaxing weekend...mmmmm.


  1. I'm definitely excited to see a picture of all chairs done!

  2. I think everyone should watch figure skating that way! I wish my sister lived close! Who is Gavin is that the same one from before?

  3. I had forgotten how Doris Day starred in that. So fun to see that clip! One of my sons is dating a girl now who totally loves all Doris Day movies.

    Never thought of finding my own music to go with the Olympics. Not a bad idea!!

  4. Amazing. Calamity Jane was one of my favorite movies to watch with my sisters when we were young! I LOVE that movie.


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