Sweet are the days...

Is there anything sweeter than a baby in white jammies?

Notice the long little hair at the top of his head. You can't tell me that doesn't make you happy.

Drinking "magic death" if you ask Taylor.
It's called "poison death" if you ask Jack.
This difference of opinion has resulted in many heated debates over the breakfast table.
They learned this from Aunt Kristen (thanks a lot)
I just call it a smoothie.
and then there's Noah by the window...

(please ignore the stretched out, hand-me-down pajama shirt.
and don't tell Noah shirts aren't supposed to look like that...
He thinks it's just fine.)

Hello Dimple. I've loved you for 2 years and 5 months exactly.


  1. I love these pictures. Your boys all look so similar, very cute! I love reading your blog post there so uplifting. Good for you for wanting to eat healthier. I feel like I use to eat so much healthier, but when I am nursing and pregnant my eating habits change so much. Maybe because I am not the only one dependent on the food I eat a lot more. I like how your starting with simple things to change your eating habits. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  2. This post was touching. I like it! Especially the dimple part.

  3. THe one little hair did make me smile indeed!! What precious boys you have!

  4. there is NOTHING better than your boys! except maybe mine for me :) They are sooo cute! You're getting some great photos...did you get a new camera?

  5. u r kids are awesome buddy..i wish to hav some like these in future!!
    lucky u!!take care

  6. DE-licious little bundle of love! Ty has a "Who hair" too! It is seriously 4 inches long and dark brown too. It is the only survivor of the baby hairs.


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