Wow, you guys. I am SO tired.


This was really fun. honestly. I worked my tail off all day, with you encouraging me, and knowing that I would be writing up this report tonight. I was very motivated.

But my computer keeps shutting down every 50 seconds, so I'm posting from my phone. I'll give you the report complete with pictures tomorrow, assuming granny (my computer) just needed a good night's sleep and will be up and at 'em by then.

Thanks for all the comments. Really. Now go to bed.


  1. I would like to sincerely give you a virtual pat on the back! Way to go, Natalie! By the way, I have never known how "up and at 'em" was actually spelled. I didn't know those were the words...I feel so enlightened!

  2. By the way, I have a feeling that being two hours ahead of Mountain Time Zone makes it so I check blogs earlier than most people...it looks like I'm a stalker or something, being one of the first to comment regularly!

  3. I confess, I forgot about the towels I put in the wash...so I'm washing them again. I was trying to jump on your 'do chores' bandwagon, but it just fizzled out after lunch! You Rock Babe!! Way to go Nat!!!

  4. Natalie...I missed this whole fun motivation challenge thing! sorry about your computer...and if you haven't done it yet, wash out your fridge and microwave...tomorrow :) G'night supermom!


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