don't pop my bubble.

It was a charmed weekend.

Friday- I won another giveaway! (honey, pick up a lottery ticket on the way home will you? This is my week!) This time from Jill at Celebrate the Little Stuff! She is a mother of 2 and a designer. I love her personal blog (funny always) and her design blog. I am getting a total blog makeover! I LOVE her designs and I am excited for a new look around here. I can't decide about my blog title. Is now a good time to change it to something more "growing family" friendly? Or do I just wait and tweak it a bit every time I have a baby? I still don't know...

Saturday- was just as great. My boys were little dreams and my husband was a saint. I did my little class (there were only about 7 girls there, and I was honestly grateful for that) and I thought it went pretty well. Thank you ALL for your tips. I was really at a loss when I first started out, but as the ideas and suggestions came rolling in, I started feeling more at ease about the whole thing. I was a little flustered at first, but over all it went well and it was really fun to spend the morning with Marlee and Mikelle.

I stopped by to see Kristen at work (a great italian place), then came home. After 4 hours of being away, I was excited to see my boys again. Austin slept the whole time, that good little fellow. And KEVIN cleaned and MOPPED my kitchen/dining room. Everyone was fed and happy and I don't know if I've ever loved my husband more. Our boys were sweet and charming all day.

We went to Kevin's church basketball game and they lost for the first time. The refs didn't show up, so they had to call their own fouls. There was one moment where I felt a little too invested in the game. Kevin had the ball and a guy jumped over his back, whacking the ball and landing on Kevin's shoulder. Naturally, Kevin called the foul (as did I, loudly, from the sidelines). One of the wives from the other team (the wife of the one who landed on top of my husband) shouted "Whatever! It was all ball!" Oooo. I wanted to shout back "Whatever! Check the rule book, honey! You can't land on someone in an attempt to steal the ball!" I think I'd win in a fight. I'm scrappy like that. But I didn't say it and we didn't fight. I never have been in a real fight, and I think my fighting days are over...sad.

So, our happy Saturday continued peaceably. I made spaghetti. Tays went #2 in the toilet! We let the boys have their goldfish in the bath with them. (We thought it would be more exciting than it turned out to be. The fish just sort of clumped together and huddled in one corner.) Kev took the boys to get an ice cream cone while I got Austy to bed. We rented Julie and Julia, because it was my turn to pick. But Julie bothered me and while I think we'll finish it sometime, we were too tired to stay awake for it.

Sunday- I subbed in Taylor's primary class. We talked about how Heavenly Father made fish. It was so fun to talk with 5 little 3-year-old boys about fish and sharks and whales. We brought Swimmily along and Taylor was so proud to show him off. He couldn't stop grinning and chuckling to himself. So cute.

My sisters all came up in the evening. Kristen made dinner and homemade chocolate pudding and played a few of her new songs for us. She is so talented. really guys. She could be on the radio. My boys were thrilled to see their Aunties and although Sundays with church going from 1-4 are rough on them, they remained in good spirits until bed time. We talked and laughed until late into the night, and went to bed happy.

It was wonderful and I feel blessed. And today the boys woke up too early and seem to be crying at every turn. But after a few days of bliss, my spirit refuses to be discouraged by this and I think my happiness is beginning to wear off on them. It's going to be a great week. I will it to be so.


  1. Do you mean to say...that live goldfish were actually in a warm tub with your boys? They didn't die? That is cute and fun and crazy, Natalie! They're still alive? Did they ingest soap? I want chocolate pudding...

  2. No...we cleaned out the tub really well, then filled it with cool water, so as not to shock our new little friends. They lived! After we took out the fish we added hot water and soap.

  3. I have never ever heard of taking a bath with the goldfish. But hey, what a memory that would be!

  4. Glad you had a nice weekend! I had a great week with Leah last week, and yesterday she turned into a little monster again... Hopefully she will snap out of it soon.

    The fish thing in the tub is pretty funny! And church ball is so ridiculous. Dean has pretty much quit going because the guys he plays with/against get waaaaaay too into it! Like NBA scouts are watching or something. Lame-o.

  5. That sounds like the most perfect weekend! And it will be a great week, you already made it so. We had a sunny, high of 70 day today and now I'm feeling the same way- nothing is going to get me down :). Can't wait to see the new blog design- how exciting!! Ps- you win so much because you are truly deserving. Though it would be pretty freakin awesome to win the lotto!

  6. oh man...you're just rolling in the blessings aren't you! The fish in the bath tub thing has officially made you a better mom than I will ever be...tell me they didn't poop!?? excited for the new blog design...hurry, hurry!!!!


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