good fortune

Happy things about the last few days:
1. We got our package from Cat with FOUR handmade felt mice! That's right. I won one, but she made FOUR. I really couldn't believe it when I opened the package. The boys squealed with delight and promptly selected and named their own. Jack owns Bingo, Tays owns Buggy, Noah owns Jelly Bean, and mine/Austin's is named Fredrick. I love them with a perfect love.

2. I won a giveaway from thematchingtieguy.com. I didn't really win, but then they noticed I specifically mentioned their company in my entry for several different prizes on "seriously so blessed"...so they let me win too! How exciting is that? Can you imagine anything sweeter than four little boys in matching ties? And the ties they offer are so darn cute. Now I just have to decide which ones to get. Any suggestions? Really, go look and tell me which you love best, will you?

3. I have new next door neighbor and we got together for the first time this morning. She has a little girl a month older than Jack and a little boy a month younger than Taylor. I like her a lot, and not just because she brought us cupcakes this afternoon. I liked her before the cupcakes, I swear.

(notice that corner one is already missing a jelly bean. Noah really loves jelly beans)

4. We bought 4 goldfish today and the boys are so excited. They wanted to name them bingo, buggy, jelly bean, and brown. But we already have mice with most of those names, so I insisted they come up with something else. Jack named his Swimmy, Tays named his Swimmily (swimawee...I love when he says this!) Noah named his Moon, and Brown is the last fish. They were 4 for a dollar, so that's why we got Brown too. He is sortof brown.

I've already bonded with them. I was standing by the counter analyzing their interactions out loud after the boys went to bed.

After about five minutes Kev said "Um, I really need to read this..." (he was studying).

So I stopped talking, but not observing. I like them, they're calming.

Please let them live until morning.

Now, tell me, how did I get to be so lucky?


  1. I have a fish who I'm sort of obsessed with so I can relate. His name is Brutis and I'm his adoptive owner (my sister owned him before me, and her friend before her). I've had him for about six months. I'm trying to ween him onto a new fish food and am obsessed with his progress with it and so proud when he eats it. I even text my sister with updates! For a fish! I'm glad someone can relate.

  2. I was going to vote for B7, but then I noticed that B14 comes in a hair accessory for you, so that's my vote! Should make all your eyes look stellar :)

  3. You sure did have a lucky day!
    I like how Taylor wants to copy his older brother in naming his goldfish (Swimmily!)but has a slight twist so he can be his own person! :)

  4. Ties: there are so many good ones. If I look for too long I'll want to order some for my men! Here are some I like: B12,S5,G1,R7,B3,R4 That probably doesn't help cuz it's not narrowed down. But congrats that you won the give away! And way to capture and remember the positive parts of the day. There are so many if you look for them. Sometimes just the hard parts of my day come to my mind.

  5. Are your fishies still living? I LOVE goldfish! They have been some of my favorite pets. They are just so golden and happy (or brown or white with a red spot and happy).

    I also love mice. Mice have been some of my favorite pets, too, so it's great that you have fake ones without cages to clean.

    I also love ties! I especially love buying ties for my Dad who is a tie-a-holic, and the old man is really stylin' in his choice of color combos. Without looking at the site, my favorite ties for Dadda have been: solid lime green, orange stripes, lilac paisley, and pink floral.


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