Another Pet?

It appears we've inherited a new pet. He was in our backyard this morning when we woke up and seems very content to stay there.  We figure someone probably ditched him in a field nearby when he grew up to be a rooster and not a hen.  Our fence is open on the sides, so maybe he'll move on in the night.

 Animal control doesn't work today.  I'm hoping my kid's (or I) don't fall in love with him over the weekend.  A rooster is a highly unpractical pet.

Taylor asked Kevin why he closed the door to our shed. "so the rooster doesn't get in." was Kevin's response.  Taylor then asked "can chickens not open doors?"  Cute little Tays.


  1. He's a beauty -- I'd want to keep him, too, though roosters can go really wacky if there's no other birds around. We had chickens a lot growing up and one time there was one rooster who was picked on all the time by the other chickens. He was docile and friendly to us so when we harvested the rest of the chickens, my parents let my brother keep him. A month later, he was the meanest thing you'd ever seen -- even our dog wouldn't go near him!

    By the way, I had so much fun meeting Mikelle and Clark today. I posted a few photos on my blog you might want to peek at. =)

  2. That is what woke me up this morning! I couldn't figure out where the Rooster came from.

  3. LOL...I think I heard him too. Or if not him, some other rooster. :)

  4. I say keep the rooster! He's cool.

  5. We've had pet chickens before and LOVED them! I would definitely have hens, but no roosters.


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