Last night I was discouraged about my children. They haven't been very nice to each other lately and very slow to obey me. As I prayed last night I turned to my Heavenly Father for help to know what they needed from me. I pondered each little boy, and quickly the answers came.

I thought of Jack, and immediately knew he needs encouragement. He's just four and he is a really good four.

I thought of Taylor, and knew I need to be better at listening to him and quickly meeting his needs. His voice tends to get lost in all the noise around here.

I thought of Noah, and was surprised at the impression that I need to hold him more often.
He is still just two and needs his mom.

I thought of Austin and felt that I need to take the time to make him smile as often as I could.

This may seem like too personal a thing to share with whoever may read this. But I know that Heavenly Father knows my little boys. Answers never come so quickly as when I pray for guidance in my role as their mother.

And as I've focused on these simple things today, there is a peaceful spirit in our home
...quite the contrast to the many days before, let me assure you.
I feel sustained and anxious to roll up my sleeves and get back to this great work.

I loved this quote shared in General Conference by Sister Beck:

"Women should be women and not babies that need petting and correction all the time. I know we like to be appreciated, but if we do not get all the appreciation which we think is our due, what matters? We know that the Lord has laid high responsibility on us, and there is not a wish or desire that the Lord has planted in our hearts in righteousness but will be realized, and the greatest good we can do to ourselves and each other is to refine and cultivate ourselves in everything that is good and ennobling and qualifying for those responsibilities" -Eliza R. Snow

So encouraging, isn't it?
it's going to be a really good day.

(thank you again,Christina, for the sweet pictures)


  1. Those are some great pictures. What a wonderful quote. Have a happy weekend in Washington!

  2. Your such a great mom! i too have been praying about how to better serve my children but the answers aren't coming as easy for me.

  3. You're really a great mom. You're an inspiration to me. I hope that someday when I have kids I can be as in tune with the spirit.

  4. I love those sweet moments. Thank you for sharing!

  5. What a beautiful post. I LOVED that quote by Eliza R. Snow at conference.

  6. Thanks for your comment. Now I don't feel like quite as much of a weirdo.

    I loved Sister Beck's talk and especially that quote. And I too love those special moments when I feel true understanding for my children (or even others with whom I have a special relationship: husband, parents, siblings, nieces and nephews). I need to take the time to make them more frequent. I have definitely noticed that as my stewardship grows, so does the amount of inspiration I have recognized.

  7. thanks for reminding me about that quote from conference!



  8. This reminds me of a stake conference I missed several years back because I was sick. My son McKay came home and told me a quote about how there is nothing so powerful as a righteous mother's prayer.

    Interesting the prompting you had about Noah needing to be held more when you hadn't thought of that. What blessed little boys to have a prayerful mother.

  9. Beautiful photos of adorable little boys...what a great post, too:)

  10. Thanks for sharing that sweet experience. It makes me want to go have a similar prayer, and hope for similar guidance right now. You inspire me because of how you remind me of how important our jobs are. Thanks!

  11. that was one of my very favorite quotes from conference before you even mentioned that you loved it too. It's a great one.

  12. I'm so glad you thought of holding Noah more. I catch myself being too harsh with Travis because he can communicate so well with me and do so many things on his own. Sometimes I forget that he's only two, still a baby in this world, and needs lots of hugs and kisses and lots of comforting words from his mama.


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