And to think...

A few days ago I was dreading the heat that was to come.

I loved this little late-May snow day.  It's been a while since we last had snow, and the date assures that cold weather is not here to stay. 

In fact, as I look out my window now, the snow is all gone.  

But we lived it up while it was here.

Also...I loved this post from my friend Jourdan.  She's just beautiful.


  1. Funny...while you guys were having snow, we were having a much-needed thunderstorm downpour! You know the kind where steam rises from the pavement, and literally sheets of rain fall from the heavens?

    It really looks like you are putting your camera to good use. I love all the side-by-side photos of the boys, and I'm also jealous that I don't get to sport such awesome hats.

  2. Awesome photos...glad the boys were able to enjoy some additional snow. I am always ready for summer, but then the heat comes and I crave snow. LOL

  3. "lived it up while it was here" equals joy!
    I wish we could have snow here. On the few occasions we have, I seem to miss it....I guess I don't look out the window at the right time. :)


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