it's all good.

In a few days our house will be too hot.  Our "swamp cooler/ window unit/ snail contraption" will probably have to do for another Summer.  I always dread this at the beginning of the Summer, but then it isn't so bad and the months go by more quickly than I think they will.  In the Winter I forget about these things, the heat, the clunky excuse for decent air conditioning, the flies, the ants that invade my house.  I just long for the outdoors and general good health.  And now here I am, all of us healthy, beautiful weather, and me dreading the heat.

But as negative as I sound at the moment, I'm really happy.  Things are good in my life, falling into order.  I hear my boys playing happily together and I appreciate the genuine goodness and sweetness that each of them possesses.  After reading "Siblings Without Rivalry" Kevin and I noted the many things we are doing wrong, and were encouraged to change.  Yet as I observe these four brothers in action, I see four little people who genuinely adore eachother, who enjoy being together, and who get along remarkably well for boys aged 4,3,2, and 1.  I'm working on eliminating hitting and violence of any kind and that is going pretty well.

Yesterday they were having an open house at Kevin's new office and he called to invite me and the boys up for lunch.  He is still doing the same thing and still works for Mass Mutual, but is now working closely with another company as an extension of that and decided to office with them.  He's liked the change.  He likes the people and the services they offer and in his usual way, he's focused on all of the good things.  It's a small group, with about seven employees but I hadn't met any of them yet.  Everyone was so nice and the boys behaved well.  It was especially gratifying to me to see Kevin's eyes light up as we came in and Noah went running to him.  He's just a wonderful dad and husband and I feel very blessed to be his wife.  I always like seeing him in his work setting, looking all professional and nice.  He's always well liked and I can't help but feel proud of him.

So you see, things are really good.  All the things that really matter are really good.


  1. Good for you. You are right all that really matters is good!! For me too, we just have to remember that. I'll have to read that book, we could really use the help with our boys.

  2. You are invited any time to come and partake of my A/C goodness! You have a good attitude about it. We just replaced ours a couple years ago.

  3. I think your profile text was really highlighted well in this post!

  4. And they always will be, because you look for the good and praise it.


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