gearing up

In an effort to prepare for an upcoming camping trip, we pulled out all of our camping gear today. This made for a fun little "outing."
Jack and Tays...dreaming of dreaming outdoors.
Noah, tickling Austin right out of his diaper. 
 I'm excited to get out in nature with these boys.

And then, because I love these pictures...
While Kevin got Austy to bed,
Jack "read" to the other brothers.

Happy, happy moments.


  1. Ummm...that last photo is absolutely priceless!!! Have fun on your trip. We are headed out for an extended camping trip in July and I can hardly wait!

  2. That one of Jack reading to his youngers makes me feel warm inside.

  3. Great idea to have a trial run in the backyard first. I love Austin's chubby legs!! :)

  4. What a good-looking little foursome you have! It would make anyone wish they could have four boys in four years! :)


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