12 hours

8:06 - Marlee calls to say she & Brittany (roommate) have to come up my way anyway and want to stop by to watch a few episodes of Sister Wives on demand with me.

8:00-9:00 - Kevin and I scramble to get things cleaned up really well, because last time Brittany came by it was a mess and I needed to redeem myself.

9:00 - Marlee and Brittany arrive and we dish up ice cream.

9:00-11:20 - We chat and watch Sister Wives, Marlee and Brittany go home.

11:20- 12:45 - Kev and I get talking about how wierd polygamy is, talk, talk, talk, way too late, get ready for bed.

1:00 - Fall asleep.

2:26-2:55 - Enter Noah with the stinkiest diaper ever, change said diaper, Noah throws up all over, give him a bath (me), clean up throw up (kev...such a good man), and get things going in the laundry (us), make a bed for Noah next to mine (me), get him new jammies (kev) unintentially wake up Austin, get him a bottle, rock him for 5 minutes, put him back in bed (me,me, me, me), air out our room, febreeze, get Noah settled (kev, kev, kev) give Noah a sippy cup, binkie, give Kevin a good game for being such a good dad (me, me, me), lights out.

3:00-3:15- Throw up round 2.

4:35-3:45 - Enter Jack who had wet the bed.  Clean him up, get him new jammies (Kev), change bedding (me), back to bed.

5:15-5:25 - bed wetting round two, this time with Tays. (are you kidding me??)

6:45 - Noah wakes up with the second stinkiest diaper ever, throws up, fetch another diaper (kev) change him(me), clean him up again, promise him popsicles if he'll go back to sleep, but it is no use, third stinkiest diaper ever. 

7:15-8:00 - climb out of bed, make breakfast, Noah throws up, has yet another bath, enter Jack, Taylor, and Austin.

8:00 - 8:05 - groan over the massive amount of laundry to be done today, debate with Kevin if this was our worst night yet.  Decide not, but probably in the top five.


  1. Oh mine...if I were you that would so rate in my Top 5! (((hugs))) and I hope tonight goes better. Also hope everyone feels better soon!

  2. Oh...my...gosh! I am speechless. But...I loved your description. Good times, Natalie. You and Kevin are a wonderful team.

  3. And I thought I had a hard time sleeping last night! This post put that all in perspective real fast.

    Oh I hope this does illness of Noah's, does not have the domino affect. :(

  4. Poor Noah is still throwing up, but so far no one else is. Keeping my fingers crossed=) And Kev let me take a 2 hour nap before going to work, so all is well. We're all just moving a little more slowly today, groggily fumbling along until bedtime.

  5. WHOA! girl...I am so sorry, what an awful night. Wish I was there to help. It sounds like food poisoning, did he eat anything funny. Love you girl! Call Me!

  6. hugs :) throw up sick is the worst in my book. hope everyone survives and that it's just a 24hr bug for sweet Noah. xoxoxo

  7. Sounds like a rough night and a rough day ahead. I hope everyone's feeling better today! And I hope you got several hours of sleep in a row last night. 4 to 5 is ideal to me after nights like that...well, I suppose 7-9 is ideal, but you can only hope for what is realistic sometimes.

  8. Oh my! I am sorry, I hope tonight goes much better! Good luck getting through your day in a sleepy fog!

  9. firstly, (actually, this may be the only thing i address) thank you for letting us watch Sister Wives with you. Obviously it was the highlight of your evening. My favorite part was when we asked Kevin if he felt weird watching it with a bunch of girls and he looked around all thoughtful-like and said, "No. This actually feels right. Love should be multiplied, not divided." :D hahaha. Love you forever and a day!! ! ! !


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