pushing my luck

After many a frustrating reboots, I have finally successfully coaxed my computer to accept half of the pictures from my camera (for the first time since July) 

These are from our visit to Temple Square when Eric and Andy were in town...back in July=)

Getting them to upload to blogger is also a hurdle.  It's been quite painful, slowly fetching them one by one by one. This is the third time I've had to restart and get back to this post.

so I'm calling it quits before I have to start again.


  1. What a treat to see these pictures. The boys have all grown so since I last saw them...especially Austin! You have such a darling family. Just makes me want to see more.

  2. Those are BEAUTIFUL pictures! I'm so glad you were able to put them up. You look really beautiful in them, too! I love the angle of the one with Kevin and Noah on his shoulders.

  3. Oh how wonderful to see your smiling face! So glad you got them loaded- or at least half- your camera must be about full by now! My favorite is the one of Austin sneaking into the pond of course ;)

  4. Very cute pictures -- especially that last one.

  5. Love the last one! The Nelson girls are so pretty!


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