back in the saddle

My old laptop had become impossible.  It overheated every five minutes, then I'd have to wait for it to cool down, take ten minutes to get it sarted up again.  It wasn't worth it to even bother anymore so I took a break from it.  And as much as shopping on Black Friday is just about the perfect version of my worst nightmare, Kevin went out at midnight.  Rather than stand in the cold for six hours (and it is freezing here in Utah), he offered two high school boys who were standing in line at Office Depot $20 if they'd get a voucher for us.  They were more than happy to and Kevin came home and slept until 5:30. 

So here I am, typing away on a cheap but new laptop and it feels like heaven.  I'm sitting on my couch, because this this laptop is wireless enabled and I'm no longer tied to the desk near the drafty window.  Life is looking good at this moment.  I'm out of the blogging habit, and have barely read anything online in the last 3 weeks.  I've missed this.  I've missed you.  Now with such easy access at my fingertips and no threat of sudden shut-downs, I don't even know where to start. 

As a quick blanket statement catch-up, I'll just say that things are great.  I'm getting huge and have a feeling that these last 7 weeks will go by pretty quickly, with Christmas fast approaching and so much to get done.  I haven't even thought of gifts for the boys yet...and yes, I know how bad that makes me sound.  They love playing in our basement lately.  We started converting one room into a playroom about a year ago, and that was great.  But soon after that it became a bedroom while Kristen, Mikelle, and Abbie were staying with us.  Now it's just a room with an odd collection of things and I want to restore it to it's original purpose, only better than before.  Maybe that, along with a few new things, will be their Christmas this year.

I love the innocence of Christmas with my undemanding boys.  I want it to be wonderful in their minds, as every mother does, but I hope to keep things simple (gift-wise) for as long as possible.  Soon they'll have friends who will ask them what they're hoping for for Christmas, who will be happy to plant grand ideas in their minds.  They'll look through the catalogs and know for months in advance what to ask for.  So far this year, they're just excited about the lights that are appearing on the houses in our neighborhood.  A few weeks ago, when our neighbor put up his lights, the boys lugged blankets out to the porch and sat watching them in the cold for ten minutes before I insisted it was time for bed.  I never knew a simple string of blue lights that doesn't even blink could be so thrilling to watch, but I love that they think so.  After thanksgiving dinner this year, Tays immediately said "are we going to put up Christmas lights now?"  When I told him it was too dark and we'd have to wait he said "but we had Thanksgiving already!"  He's excited to get the show on the road and I love to hear it.

As catch-up posts go, I feel like this one hardly scratches the surface of all I'd like to record...but it's a start and good enough for now.  I'll try to post daily again, like I did once upon a time.  I like this blog better when it is a daily snapshot of my life rather than a less-personal overview.  So, same time tomorrow? =)


  1. WooHoo...you are back! Glad to hear things are going well with your pregnancy. Your new little one will be here before you know it! How kind of two HS boys to get a voucher for you...there is goodness out there!

    Enjoy this magical season with your boys!

  2. Just wanted to say, I like your blog. :)

  3. I'll be here!! Speaking of which, I haven't updated my blog in about 2 weeks...time for me to catch up too! PS. We'll be in Utah for 2.5 weeks and we'd like to see you if we all have time at the same time! :)

  4. As always, I love hearing from you. It really warmed my heart to hear how simple the season still is for your family, with the boys being at the ages and stages they are. It is exactly what I hope for and picture as I look forward to little children of my own someday.

    If I could be there with you, and hang out with you in your home, I'd help you clean the room and create a wonderful playroom for the boys. I'd bring over my sewing machine, and I'd sew a curtain for a puppet stage, and make little hand puppets!

    I think that creating a fun play area sounds like an awesome idea for a Christmas present! Simplicity really does preserve the spirit of the season.

    Just today, my coworker was lamenting the advent of the season, complaining that her family members will be expecting grand gifts this year, and how much she hates Christmas shopping. I said, "Stick it to the man! You don't need to buy a bunch of stuff in order to celebrate Christmas and have your family feel your love! That's not what Christmas is about, anyway."

    So, Natalie, way to stick it to the man. And way to avoid Black Friday. I agree...worst nightmare ever.

  5. I just wrote a comment and it disappeared. Not sure if you got it or not. Basically I was just saying that I am SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK. I read every word you write so I'm looking forward to more posts. And if you feel up to it, a video would be nice :))

  6. Yay! Glad you have a new computer that works great, didn't cost too much, keeps you away from the drafty window, and nice and comfy on the sofa! If I had the money for air fare, I too would be there in a heartbeat to help you with your playroom :) (and maybe sneak in a little skiing too!) I'm sure your boys will love everything you do for them- you are raising such sweet little boys!


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