fewer words, more pictures

 my camera finally met up with my computer today, so here are a bunch of pictures of things that have taken place in the last few weeks:

We got a cat.  His name is Mr. Goose.
   Jack named him, but then later decided he didn't really like the name.  Kevin and I liked it, so we compromised and gave him his original first name back.  So his name is Lucky Goose.  The boys call him Lucky (when they're not calling him just "kitty") and Kev and I call him Mr. Goose.  He was free and is an outdoor cat...technically.  The boys let him in often and play with him until he can't take anymore and runs to the door and meows until I let him out again.  He runs away, but always comes back.  They love him a lot and I'm glad I took your advice and got him.  I did find Jack trying to tie him in his pillowcase the other day because he didn't want Mr. Goose to run away again.  It's made for some good teaching opportunities, like "we don't trap or accidentally suffocate things we love."  It's nice that they can learn these important lessons at a young age.

The boys LOVE playing outside and on "warm" days I can't keep them in.  Lately they've taken to bug hunting and making "soups" out of mud and grass.
The only pictures I took on our trip...

And lots of Adam:
with me...
with Kristen...
fresh out of the bath...
with Noah...

and this morning...
looking a bit like a bobble head doll:) 
{the end}


  1. Your kids are SOOOOOO cute! Looks like they're having lots of fun too. You're a great mom.

  2. I loved reading about your trip home. You have the best family, such good good people. It sounded like you made lot's of memories, and it also sounds like a magical place for your kiddos.

    The pictures you posted are darling. Your boys are so handsome!

  3. What a cutie! He looks a lot like Noah to me.

  4. I love what you do with your kids. They always look like they are having fun and loving life. In fact, I copied from you, took a bunch of spices, food coloring and such out of the cupboard and let my kids make potions.

  5. That 2nd picture...Jack looks like a teenager. Well not really, but he has that grown up look, like I can picture what he will look like when he is grown. So handsome!

    Your boys look totally at home in the dirt, just like my boys use to!

  6. So, where did you get The Lucky Goose? I mean, lucky cat? Or rather, unfortunate cat, from all the snuggling and suffocating? It was really funny when you said, "It's nice that they can learn these important lessons at a young age." That was a joke, right? I'm getting your humor, right?

  7. I got him off of KSL, a local classifieds site. Ha ha:) yes, I can always count on you to know when I'm joking Brynn:)

  8. Oh...I just read this post again to get another look at HIS HAIR! I just love his hair!

  9. I may get a lot of good quotes out of teaching, but I've never gotten to teach a lesson quite like this: "we don't trap or accidentally suffocate things we love."

    Hilarious. Love that you're blogging more these days! Our lives are SO different, but I do love the little trials and victories you share...especially when it involves bribery with candy. :)


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