some big news and some everyday news

Marlee is getting married in June.
To Luke Bangerter
 They are both graduating from BYU today
It all started when she told him to stop flirting and just ask her out already.
and the rest will be their family history=)

I've sort of started calling Adam "patch"
because the name Adam doesn't really have any natural nicknames
(addy, maybe?)
and because he has a dry patch of skin on his cheek
 I put vaseline on it and it gets a little better
But it keeps coming back
 (and I find it endearing)

My older boys have been pretty creative lately
Jack made these while watching "how to train your dragon":
And this one he just made the other day for fun ( I love it)
Jack has always been pretty artistic.

Tays has been surprising me lately with his art:
{duck talking to giraffe.}
he told me that the duck is in the water and the giraffe is standing rigt by the water so they can hear eachother.
{horse going over 2 mountains}
 {rake with leaves}

Austin is funny.  If ever I am reading a book to one of his brothers, even if I am already holding Adam, he'll climb up, step on anyone who is in his way, and plop right on my lap.  Kevin captured one such moment yesterday:
I do love that boy, even if he does have an inflated sense of entitlement when it comes to my lap.

(funny: after posting this, I got up and realized I needed to call Mikelle, but couldn't find the phone.  I knew I'd just seen it somewhere around the couch and tore the thing apart looking with no success...then it dawned on me that it was in the picture above...still searching:)


  1. I haven't tried it but I have heard that breastmilk is AWESOME for dryskin. My friend actually rubbed some on her daughters pink eye and it got better. If you are still nursing it might be worth a shot. OOOOH! I just found a recipe for Breastmilk soap that Dr. Oz uses for dry skin http://www.pantryspa.com/beauty-remedies/skin-remedies/dr-oz-breast-milk-soap-yogurt-soap-dry-skin-remedy/

  2. Oh so sweet!!! I can't wait to see the wedding pictures -- post the engagement story if she will let you!!

  3. yay for Marlee and Luke!! Muke!

    and i love Patches


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