proof of life

I know this blog has been dead for a while now...
but we're alive and well.

Great times at the Larson home.

I haven't the brain power to write a clever post at the moment, but just know that we're here, we're happy, and we're feeling guilty for all that we're not posting. 
(Well, at least I feel guilty about it.  The boys' only interest in this blog comes in the form of swimming fish at the very bottom.)
I still need to write about my Austy, who turned 2 last month...
not to mention little Adam, who is already over 3 months old...
and Swimmy, who passed away 2 weeks ago, poor fish.

All these milestones going unrecorded...guilt, guilt, guilt.  I'll do better. =)


  1. Ah, childhood. Everyone seems so happy! I love your family.

  2. You've been dead to your blog as well? I have been dead to the whole blogging world it seems since before my baby was born...haven't written or read anyone else's blogs. I feel the guilt, enjoyed the hiatus and I'm getting excited to be blogging again. I look forward to catching up on your family! Your little guys are adorable. I especially like the one of the four all dressed up for church. Cute smiles!

  3. What a mom letting them slide down the stairs on mattresses! Must be a story behind that day!

    Of course you don't have time to write...I'm impressed that you found the time to download the pictures...LOVE them all...especially the one with your boys all ready for church. Your heart must just swell with pride.

  4. I love the pictures of the slide they made going down the stairs -- we used to do that all the time with sleeping bags at our house.

    While I love hearing about your life, it sounds like you've got your priorities straight.

  5. I came back to look at the pictures one more time, and just smiled so big at the pictures of the mattresses on the stairs. We used to slide down the stairs on all sorts of contraptions when I was little, too! What fun! Great memories!

  6. Alas, poor Swimmy! We hardly knew ye. Glad to see that everyone else is doing well, though. :)

  7. LOVE all the pictures!!! cute cute cute. And I would have loved to have had a turn on the slide with all those giggling boys- so much fun! That last picture of Adam. It's you. I've no idea why, but I just see- You.


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