5, 4, 3, 2, 0

Jack turns 6 in a few weeks.  We went to his school last friday so he could meet his teacher and see his classroom.  He clung tightly to my hand and hardly said a word.  When we were back in the car he confided that he was very nervous.  I sat in the back and held him and quizzed him from the list they gave us.  The one about what your kindergartener should know.  He can do everything except tie his shoes.  We hadn't thought to teach him that yet.  These little boys.  They're growning up. I think it's making me extra sentimental, both in life and in my writings. 

We all went to the bread store and then to walmart to get milk today.  The boys were very good, all things considered.  We were lucky enough to score one of the kid carts (not easy here in utah) and I rewarded their good behavior with some mini iced brownies off the bakery clearance cart.  They were SO excited. 

Before we left I took some pictures of them, because it's a rare day when everyone is dressed and clean at the same time.  They're growing so fast.
Adam at 4.5 months
Austy at 2.18 years
Noah at 3.66 years
Tays at 4.85 years
Jack at 5.97 years
(are you as shocked as I am that Mr. Goose has stayed around? He puts up with a lot, that cat)
for example:

I just love these boys=)


  1. What handsome boys! I know what you mean about the car carts at the store. Elliott always gets his heart set on one but is often disappointed.

  2. You must just look at these pictures and think WOW, they are all mine! How blessed you are!! All healthy and happy and gorgeous.

    Austin is sure looking like his Dad. And Jack, oh, that one picture...the single shot of him..he looks like a movie star.

  3. They are oh so very handsome and those group shots just melt my heart!

  4. Natalie the tie on the cat seriously made me laugh out loud. Your boys are adorable.

  5. What handsome boys! I totally understand the cart thing..

  6. I just got caught up on your blog. Your boys are gorgeous!!! i love how you adore your little kids and have such a positive attitude about motherhood. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Your boys are growing so much and are SO handsome! It's fun to check in on them on your blog from time to time!

  8. Such BEAUTIFUL boys you have!!! I love it! I know you are an amazing mother and would love to see you in action sometime! I am sure I could learn alot! I hope you're doing well! :)


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