How to Cook a Turkey

from Jack's kindergarten class:
How to Cook a Turkey:

Jack- I don’t really know how. I never really saw someone take a turkey. Well,I did go to someone’s house, but they made a turkey themselves. I don’t know how to cook a turkey. Well, I saw my mom put a whole tub of chicken inside and I think that’s a turkey. You put it some boiling water. Yeah. And I don’t know what comes next. Well, I do know how to cook chicken eggs.
Cohen- You put the turkey in and then you heat it up and then you eat the turkey. That’s what my mom does.
Connor- You take off the skin. Then we cook it in the oven. And then we uh take it out and we eat it.
Brighton- We cook the turkey in the oven. We get a knife. We put the turkey on a plate. We eat it and then we throw it away.
Joshua- You get a turkey. Put it in the microwave. You bake it. You set the table. And then you eat it!
Mia- You cook it and um you put salt on it uh put butter on it uh and that’s all.
Kristina- You put it in the oven and you eat it for a little bit until you eat a big bite and then when you eat it all gone it will be yummy and good.
Brooklyn- We put turkey in and we put salt on it and then we boil it with hot water. Then we get it out and eat it.
Tyler- You have to kill the turkey and then take it home then burn it pieces and cut it to meat and then burn it again and then it will make a turkey.
Grace- I would first cook it up, I mean kill the turkey first and then I would cook it up. Let’s see. Oh then I would cut it to pieces until they were small, small, small. As small as a shoe and then we would eat it all up.
Nathan- Hatch the turkey and then cook it.
Calynn- I don’t know.
Alexis- You buy the turkey and then you wash it then you put it in the oven and then you put some yummy flavoring and then you eat it.
Carter- Turn on fire and cook it.
Chloe Jo- We uh can uh cook the turkey in the oven and we pick all the feathers off and we eat it. We can eat it at Thanksgiving.
David- Put it in the oven. Take all the feathers off and take the head off. Take the legs off and then eat the turkey.
Lizzie- Baking oh yes! Turkey and then ham and I’m done.
Logan- Cut it up, cook it and eat it.
I hope this helps you this week.  And, if your turkey's a bust, you can always just go to someone else's house and eat the one they made themselves.  Or, as a last resort, have chicken eggs.
ps. This interview only supports my stance that Jack is the cutest kid in his class. 

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  1. I enjoyed seeing all the cute names as much as I did reading their special instructions! :)


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