the truth comes out

A few weeks ago we, like everyone else we know, caught a stomach bug that made the rounds in our family.  No one escaped it.  Luckily, it was a short-lived thing, lasting less than 24 hours each time.  When it was all over, we'd had enough throwing up to last us for a long long time. 

So when Noah came upstairs last Thursday declaring "Taywer frew up!" I thought "please, let's not start that again!"  He came upstairs and we got him cleaned up and off to bed for the night.  He seemed fine and in the morning there wasn't a hint of illness.  Maybe he just ate too much before spinning on the swing downstairs, I concluded.

Then on Sunday while we were all in the kitchen cleaning up breakfast, Jack asked "mom, would cat food taste good to me?"  "No. It's gross," I told him, "and if you eat it, you might get sick."  "And I'd throw up like Taylor did?" he asked.  "Yeah, you might" I said.  Then Noah chimed in "'Cause Taywer ate kitty food, then he frew up?"  "No, Taylor didn't eat cat food...did he?  Did you, Tays?" I asked, the peices coming together.  "Yeah" he answered frankly.  "And then you threw up?" I was shocked.  "Yeah, I did." He kept his eyes on the ground. Ha ha ha, poor Tays.=)  Funny that no one thought to mention that little detail before. 

We were rushing to get off to church, so Kev and I had a good laugh and didn't say much else about it, but this morning I asked him some questions.  Here's how things went down:

Me: Why did you eat cat food?
Tays: Well, I promised Noah if he ate one, I'd eat one.
Noah: I ate one, but I didn't frow up.  It was yucky, but I didn't frow up.
Me: How much did you eat?
Tays: we just ate one.
Me: how did it taste, Tays?
Tays: Yucky.  Well, when I first put it in my mouth it wasn't yucky, but when I crunched it, it was.
Me: So when did you throw up?
Tays: right when I crunched it.

So, there you have it, folks. It was just a dare gone bad. =)


  1. That is hilarious. Is that Mr. Goose? Or is it a new kitty?

  2. I like how you handled this. Just very matter of fact dialogue. I can see your sons always going to you with whatever is going on.


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