33 years and 100 days

Today Kevin turns 33!  We're going out tonight, so I made his cake yesterday.  It was a s'mores cake, and quite involved, but delicious and very rich.  He loved it.
{isn't he so cute?}

And today, after having an excellent omelette, he went with Jack as a volunteer for his "100th day of school" party.  They were supposed to dress up like it was their 100th birthday=)  Cute idea, and Jack loved it.  We were going for this look:
Don't you think we did a good job?
{yes, Marlee, that is your jacket Kevin is wearing=)}
Kev said Jack looked the best of all the kids, but I think he's a little partial.  Also, many of the children (Jack included) thought it was the last day of school because they've been counting towards this day all year on a chart that only goes to 100.  Fortunately, Jack likes school, so he was happy to learn he has about 100 days still to go. 

 I'm at 14 weeks now, I can find out what I'm having with a fair degree of certainty (94% according to the study I read.) Can I wait any longer?  Don't you think going to find out is just what Kevin would want to do for his birthday date?  Probably not.  He's not so impatient as I am.  Will we probably go anyway?  We'll see...

Happy Birthday Kevin!  I love you like crazy!  I love that you rocked your old man costume and made Jack feel like the coolest kid in his class. You're an awesome dad and a better husband.  About 8 years ago exactly you called and asked me out for the first time.  I'm so glad you did=)

PS. Thank you all for your kind words and congratulations!  We're so excited, and I really have no preference as to the gender.  I LOVE my boys, and I'll LOVE a girl when one comes along (I'm sure one will eventually=)   


  1. Those costumes are absolutely classic! I love it!

  2. Oh, dear goodness...those costumes ROCK!!!!

  3. i've been looking for that coat! :)

  4. Those are some sweet costumes!! I would totally go find out if I were you...I'm just impatient like that :)

  5. :) I love the costumes! I hope you find out tonight!!!! I can't wait!!!!!


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