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Once a week has proven a bit too much to attempt, so maybe I'll lower my expectations to once every other month or so :/  It does make it harder to focus on the everyday this way, though.  Broad strokes covering the major highlights of our life are good, but not what I love to write about.  So, brief overview first, then maybe some of the things our days are made of if I can get to that.

I'm 25 weeks along with another little boy! I laughed and shook my head when I saw on the ultrasound screen clear evidence that HE would be our seventh son. I have no sadness over this, as much as I love my girl and would love to have another. I also love my boys and am thrilled to welcome this sweet son into our family in August.  It is amusing, though.  All. these. boys.

This baby and Caleb will be 18 months apart. I'll be honest and say he's coming sooner than I had planned on.  The beginning of this pregnancy had me feeling overwhelmed.  I always feel sooo wiped out at first.  Not sick, but such low energy.  Because I thought I for sure wasn't pregnant for the first few weeks I kept wondering what in the world my deal was.  Caleb was a rotten sleeper and I was up often with him, but I had been handling that okay for months.  Suddenly, I had NO motivation and it felt like I was just dragging through each day. It felt like my blood turned to thick molasses, making every movement slow and hard. When I sat or laid down that molasses would ooze into whatever I was slumped upon making it a huge task to get up and going again.  Then, upon hearing my symptoms, Nicole insisted that I take a test right away.  It was positive and I felt some relief that at least I could explain my absolute sluggishness.  Even knowing why I felt that way, I still struggled.  Looking back, I can see that the newness and unexpectedness of the news combined with the exhausted and hormonal physical challenges made this pregnancy and the addition of a baby seem incredibly daunting.  I was excited, but I felt very inadequate.

On the 12 week mark almost to the day, my energy returned.  It felt miraculous and I was able to see the landscape of my life through a better lens, a more realistic one, really. I would be adding another child to our family, yes. And that thought wasn't so hard because I would actually be a functioning person if the baby wasn't inside of me.  I had allowed my first trimester self to project that I would feel the same exhaustion I feel during the first part of pregnancy, still have to meet the needs of my other seven children, and be up all night and day caring for a new baby.  Not so. Pregnancy exhaustion and new baby sleep deprivation are two very different things. I know how to be pretty sleep deprived and still live a mostly normal, happy life. I can deal with lack of sleep. AND we'll love this baby, which will make it all easier.

Goodnight, so much for broad strokes.  Well, to sum up everything else...The older kids are finishing up the school year, Jack is doing choir, Taylor started piano lessons and seems to have a real knack for it, the three older boys are all in scouts, and they'll all be doing swimming lessons in a few weeks. Adam does an online preschool program every day and is just on the cusp of reading. He and Jane have some good little friends and we often do playgroups during the week.  We spent a few weeks working with Caleb to help him sleep better, and now he's a champ (no crying it out involved! yay!) so we're getting good sleep. Kevin is busy at work, and things are going well there.

Mother's Day (where's Adam??)

Mikelle and Nicole both had twins, so I'm a new aunt 4 times over.  Nicole's girls, Lucy and Macy, are miracle preemie babies that actually come home tomorrow!  I cannot wait to meet them in person.  They've been in my heart and prayers for months and months.  I was able to be there with Mikelle for the births of Maple and Jameson, and that was amazing! They are all beautiful babies!  My brother Seth just got married to Lizzy Pratt last month. Our entire family minus my 4 sweet nieces in Germany were able to come and it was just so so great to see and celebrate with everyone.  Lizzy is actually Nadine's youngest sister, and she fits into our family so well.  She and Seth went to Dallas for internships but will be back to BYU in the fall. Yay! Brian is down here working and we see him almost weekly.  It's been so great to get to know him better.  He's smart and easy going and positive and fun to be around.  My mom went down to be with Mikelle after the babies were born, then came up for the wedding, then stayed another week with me and we went to women's conference together! I was SO great to spend that time together.  She helped me get on top of my life again, and I feel renewed in every way.
Jane meeting Maple

Seth and Lizzy with their MANY nieces and nephews at the reception

As for the details, maybe I'll get a chance to get to those soon.  Kevin is taking some pretty intense classes toward his CFP right now and in the next few months, so there will be more time in my evenings to do stuff other than hanging out with him since he has to study. Sorry, though, blog.  You're not a great replacement.  You'll do, but I love him a lot.  He works hard both at work and at home and lately I can see him changing for the better in subtle ways. It's hard to put my finger on it, but it's there and I'm impressed with who he's becoming. Don't get me wrong, I've always been impressed with him, but  he's getting even better and I think that's worth noting.

It's 11 now. I'm shutting down. :)

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  1. Fun update. I always enjoy your style of writing so much. I miss you.


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