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It's interesting to me that in order for me to write about my life I have to step outside of it, put it on hold for a minute. A minute is about all I can spare in one sitting. Noah is sitting on my lap, Taylor is napping and I'm keeping an eye and an ear on Jack who is digging in the backyard. This is about as detached as I can get if I want to take a moment for myself when Kevin isn't home. I do feel that it will be worth the time I take because it has already been almost 3 years since Jack was born and I have documented almost nothing. He'll be 3 in June, Taylor will be 2 in July and Noah is almost 7 months now. As I sit to write Jack is discovering bugs. Noah is getting fussy so now he's in the highchair with Cheerios=) Jack calls me out to show me an airplane passing by overhead and as I go back inside he says "wait, wait, come squish bugs with me."

Life passing by so that I can sit and write about it. I guess I just hope that one day my boys will read this and remember these days. I hope Jack will remember that I do discover bugs with him on a regular basis. That although I have had my children so close together I share a strong bond with each of them and that I couldn't love any of them more if they had been an only child. Jack comes inside and sees Noah and wants Cheerios too. No one can make Noah smile brighter or laugh more genuinely than Jack and Taylor. He LOVES his brothers and they really love him. Jack teases Noah saying he's going to eat his Cheerios with an impish grin on his face. Although Noah doesn't understand the joke he beams at the attention. Jack is eating Cheerios too, but accidentally bites his own finger and needs a kiss. He wants me to kiss his finger AND his tooth, because it was involved too. Oh, the sweet joys of living with a two year old. Jack is especially sweet and I love hearing the things he comes up with.

Kevin will be home in about an hour and a half and I really want to get a few things done around here before then. He is the best friend I could ever have. People say that a lot about their husbands, and I hope when they do they really are experiencing in their marriages what I have in mine, but I doubt it. Kev is unconditionally nice to me and so so patient. He makes me laugh all the time and wakes up in the night with our kids. We really never fight at all. If things get a little out of sorts between us we just find time to talk and reconnect. Anyway...this will be good I think. I'll try to do it more often.

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