Out in the yard

I really wish I had taken before and after pictures of our yard. We moved into this house a little over a month ago and the yard had been neglected for a long long time. It's definitely not great still, but there has been progress. Grandma and Grandpa Larson were so thoughtful in their housewarming gift to us, it was a lawnmower and it was just what we really needed. At some point in this home's history someone put in some landscaping, but anything that once looked good has since given in to weeds. It does have potential. Kevin's dad was really amazing at keeping their yard beautiful, so I'm hoping Kevin will be so inclined. I was surprised at how much better the lawn looked just after mowing it. We thought we'd be able to get all of the weeds out of the designated flower areas, but we barely scratched the surface.

Last night we'd worked hard on the back and that too still needs a lot of work. Tonight Kev was nice enough to take Noah with him to do the grocery shopping. I had just gotten the boys in their jammies when Jack found a bucket and shovel and wanted to go outside to dig in the dirt. So...I got them dressed in dirty clothes and we went to the backyard. I set up their little slide thing. It took FOREVER!! It was super frustrating. You have to align the bench and the hold up the slide at the same time and then secure the bench into the notches on the two side walls. It doesn't sound as complicated as it felt...add in Taylor who was super anxious for his slide so he jumped on the slide in the middle of this process FOUR times. My hands were full of bench and slide so I couldn't stop it. I guess it was worth it. They really loved it. When I finished Jack said "oh, sank you mama!" with sincere enthusiasm. I love my life.

PS I'm posting this 3 days late, such is my life, which I still love.

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