Baby on the brain

My baby is what is on my mind the most these days, well besides the 3 all-consuming boys I already have with me. Jack was born 4 weeks early, Tays 3 weeks early, but Noah stubbornly waited until I was induced on my due date. Will this baby be another Jack, Tays, Noah, or something different? Given how healthy all of my babies have been I can't help but vote for a shorter pregnancy, but I try not to think about it. Now that I have just under 4 weeks left I admit that my mind keeps thinking "okay, any day now..." but it was that kind of thinking that made the last month of my pregnancy with Noah seem eternally LONG!

So, today I will just think about laundry, and lunch, and what's for dinner, and enjoy the boys that I can already hold and kiss and read to and laugh with...so it really shouldn't be too rough. They all migrated upstairs when I got on the computer, and although it sounds like they are all just playing innocently, that's what it sounded like this morning just before I came in to find amish friendship bread crumbed all over the living room carpet.

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