All of the boys are napping and you'd be so impressed with what I have accomplished since last night:

My room is totally clean, dusted, vacuumed.
My bathroom is clean, scrubbed, and organized.
The boys rooms are clean, vacuumed, bedding washed.
The baby's clothes are all washed, folded, and put away (Oh, I can't wait to put these fresh clothes on my fresh new baby!)
I wrapped up a little gift for each of the boys that I will give to them from the baby when they meet him in the hospital.
The cushion covers on our white couch are scrubbed, washed, dried, and squished back on.
The floors are all vacuumed and swept on the main level.
The dishwasher is unloaded, and partially loaded again.
Laundry is all but 1/2 a load done, then I will finish sorting through the boys cothes, taking out what doesn't fit any more, putting in what fits better.
My boys are full and sleeping.
Dinner is ready and waiting in the fridge.

I'm definately nesting...unable to sit still until I'm sure everything is ready for the baby. I'm loving my life a lot right now. I feel energized by the unknown, excited about the baby. I also feel grateful for what our family is right now and knowing that it is about to change makes me want to appreciate each day until then. It's a good place to be, loving the present and craving the future. So yes, I'm huge and uncomfortable and have heartburn all the time, but I'm really really happy.

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