Happy zoo day

We went to free zoo day yesterday, joined by Auntie Kristen which delighted the boys. Kev was able to free up his afternoon to join us. This made the kid to adult ratio 1:1, which was so great. I just loved being able to kneel down by Tays as he watched a monkey and take the time to appreciate the fascination in his eyes. As a mother of many young boys I wouldn't say my love is divided, but my attention often is, especially when we go on outings. I loved being able to really focus my attention on whichever boy I happened to be with at any given exhibit.

We went on the carousel which delighted Jack, thrilled Noah, and slightly terrified Tays who clung Kevin and the pole of his giraffe with a worried expression the whole time. After the ride Jack (who had been with Kristen) proudly told me he'd ridden on a lion. Taylor said "i ride a giraffe!" with a big smile, so I guess he wasn't scarred by it. We rode the train which was disappointing, but at 3, 2, and 1, the boys didn't think so. I got to sit with Jack in the very back. How did I get to be so lucky?

A short visit to our dear friends house after the zoo just made my day complete. I've really been missing her lately and realizing what a blessing it is to have a friend who knows the good and bad of me but still loves, supports and inspires. It helps that our husbands and kids really like each other a lot too. Plus she makes really good food. Those are friendships worth keeping.

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