Taylor is my middle child and I am often wondering if I have done right by him, squishing him in between brothers with barely over a year on each side. There has never been a reason for me to worry, I mean, he's never seemed unhappy with the situation or shown signs of neglect. But still I worry too much and maybe even overcompensate a bit. If I feel like I've been too hard on him one day I feel doubly guilty and again question myself as a parent. This has always been so, and who knows how long this will go on.

But today was a good day with Tays, we've had a couple of really good days now actually and I am excited about it. The thing is, Tays is very sweet but also very stubborn so I felt like we were butting heads way too often and it was frusterating and discouraging.

The other night when it was time to change his diaper I called him over again and again, nice at first, then began threatening a time out. It was late, I was tired and my patience was lacking. Kev stepped in and said "hey tays, can you be a good good boy for mom?" He came right over with a big smile. Since then I've committed to make each interaction with him as positive as possible and it has made a huge difference. I know, I know...Duh...of course it would. But especially with his personality, criticism, threats, punishment aren't nearly as effective as loading on the love and positive encouragement. He's just been dlightful, happy, and helpful.

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