2 stinking raisins

Yesterday Jack was scheduled to have a minor surgery at 9:45am. He was not to eat anything after 10pm the night before. While I was sleeping in (thank you Kev) Jack got his hands on 2 raisins. Not a big deal, we thought. But it was a big deal. When Kev arrived at the hospital and they inquired about Jack eating, Kev confessed the sin thinking it wouldn't really count. It did count. The surgery was pushed back until 1pm.

Jack ate nothing for hours and hours, but just played and watched movies. The time kept being pushed back, hour after hour, and he didn't actually go in until 4pm! Grrr! I guess Jack was perfect though, asking for food pretty often, but never flipping out when his request was denied time and again. He remained pleasant even though he'd woken up very early and probably really needed a nap. Kev, always one to look on the bright side, said it was good to spend so much time with his oldest son. I admit I was a little jealous of that part... I called a few times and talked to Jack. He was so sweet. After a minute he asked "can I talk to Taywur (taylor)?" Sadly, tays was sleeping...I would have loved to hear that conversation.

Kev hadn't wanted to eat in front of Jack, so he was starving all day too. All because of 2 raisins. When they took Jack back, Kev ran to the cafeteria where he ate quickly snarfed down a cheeseburger combo meal and a grilled tuna and cheese. Thats my man. I say snarfed down, but Kev is actually a very tidy, slow eater so I really can't picture him snarfing down anything.

All in all, the surgery went perfectly, Jack seemed to have enjoyed the day out with dad, Kev enjoyed the extra time with his son and the cheeseburger. So although they didn't get home until after 7, maybe those raisins that I was cursing all day weren't so horrible after all.

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