My wonderful sister in law came over with her boys yesterday. Together we have 6, soon to be 7, little boys...no girls yet! Landon is a year older than Jack and Brayden is Taylor's age. It's always fun to see them. Jack said the other day, "Landon is mine and Brayden is Taywor's." And I guess that means Nicole (their mama) is mine.=)

Nicole is amazing to me, and I have no idea how she does all that she does. She's not the sort to toot her own horn, but I could sing her praises. She's on the ball, generous, serving, and always improving the lives of those around her. She's a wonderful mom and wife and also finds time to teach couponing classes, run a small business, grow a garden, can what she grows, make meals for our in-laws twice a week, babysit for friends, email and call friends about great deals, and she even found time to come take some pictures for me yesterday. I'm afaid that next to her I must be embarrassingly disappointing to Kevin's parents.

The picture below was taken by Nicole as I pretended to be a bear about to eat her head.

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