Yeah, its snowing again...When Kevin pointed this out to the boys this morning Jack said "Mom doesn't like that word." It's true. By mid-April I've had more than my fill of snow and am ready to be done with it. But I don't mind it too much today. We're just taking it easy indoors. Jack and Tays watching sword in the stone and eating left over cookie dough, Noah and Austin sleeping. All of us still in our pajamas at 1:30 pm.

Everyone seems to be adjusting to our little Austin. Jack takes his role as my helper seriously, fetching diapers as needed, informing me when any of his brothers is doing something naughty or in need of something. At age 3, he is really amazing to me. My oldest little friend. How much I've learned since he joined our little family.

On Monday he woke up from his nap still groggy and I offered to hold him. He said he wanted to be rocked in the rocking chair upstairs. Up we went with Noah tagging along, and Jack didn't mind sharing. As we rocked I sang "rock-a, rock-a, rock-a my Noah, rock-a, rock-a, rock-a my Jack" again and again. Taylor soon left a TV show and tracked us down. We all rocked and rocked for 15 minutes until Austin woke up and needed me. One of the many rewarding moments I want to remember.

This is me...I look a lot more rested today than I usually do 1 month after having a baby. This is thanks to Kevin. He is amazingly selfless. He often takes the early morning shift when Austin has a rough night and lets me sleep. I'm not sure he knows what this means to me. It means I can be a nice mom to my kids while he's gone during the day. It means I feel less overwhelmed when things get crazy (as they often do). I am so grateful for him, because I know how rotten I can get when I don't get at least a little good sleep. And he never makes me feel guilty about it. Parenthood has refined him into an even better man than the one I married, and I wasn't sure that was possible.

sorry about the horrid picture quality...I have to use my phone until we get a new camera.

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