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On Saturday we had some good friends over for dinner. We haven't had friends over for a while and it was really great to see these particular friends again. Really nice, fun couple with two sweet, so cute kids who played really well with ours. It's funny because before they came I really stressed about it and it really wasn't a big deal. The chicken was no longer hot by the time I served it, and I completely forgot about the jello I had made until dinner was over, but it was really fun anyway.

The real truth is, the idea of making friends is really intimidating to me. It's not just my 4 little boys that keep me antisocial, though I often do use them as my excuse. I feel awkward and nervous when making new friends, like I'm on a first date with someone. Why is this? I had good friends all growing up, and didn't really stress about it then. I'm not a really insecure person in general, just when it comes to this. It doesn't help that I'm awkward on the phone. Even staying in touch with the friends I do have is intimidating. Maybe it goes back to my home-schooled years... a social handicap that will follow me for life I'm afraid=)

All this being said, I was blessed enough to make a few true wonderful friends back in Salt Lake. Friends who offered a "who cares if my house is a mess, I'll happily wipe your kids snotty nose, lets do it again tomorrow" sort of friendship. My friend Marne was (and still is, from a distance) the perfect friend. Generous, building, easy-going, and really fun. We got together almost daily for months. It was an easy friendship. Meaningful adult interaction in a sea of children. I've really been missing that.

Yesterday while out for a walk we happened upon a family that we've been wanting to get to know better for a long time. Our kids played outside together, and when it got too cold they invited us in. While holding Austin she noticed he needed his diaper changed, and she just grabbed a diaper and changed it. She didn't fuss at all when my boys got crumbs all over the floor. Her house was so cute and when I mentioned I really needed decorating help she said she loves to do that sort of thing. We talked about going yard sale-ing together while Kevin and her husband talked about playing basketball. Our boys enjoyed their son. We parted with plans to get together this week. Do I sound a little excited? I am. I know it's dorky to be this way. But remember, I was home-schooled. Thats my excuse for all that is dorky within me.

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  1. Natalie, I've been reading some of your old posts, and I just feel like you're a kindred spirit. I felt just as dorky and excited as you describe when you commented on my blog! Like, "Wow! A new friend!" Thanks!


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