Sick Children and other Pleasures

Last night Jack developed a croupy cough and his breathing was raspy. As I put him to bed I assured him that if he felt too sick in the night he could come and get me. Sure enough 5 minutes later he was downstairs saying he felt "too sick." I had read that cool night air sometimes helps, so Kev and Jack bundled in a blanket and rocked on our front porch for a long time.

After Jack was back in bed Kev said "I just love our kids." He went on to say that after being outside a while he'd asked Jack if he was ready to go in. Jack replied "No. This wind is just making me feel better." Kevin loved spending those precious minutes with our sick boy.

Kev is such a good dad. He was getting Tays and Noah out of the bath earlier. He first got Noah out, then went back for Taylor. He was about to use the same towel he'd used with Noah, but then told Tays "Let me get you a new soft dry one, this one is wet." When he wrapped Tays in the new towel, tays said "Oh, I like it, I like this one!"

Kevin recounted both of these little stories to me with sincere adoration in his eyes. I couldn't help but adore him for what each of these stories said about him as a father. I love how much he loves his boys.

In the night Taylor (who has struggled with resporitory issues in the past) woke up with the same croupy cough, and came in crying to me. I got his inhaler, made him some warm juice and snuggled him in with me. I woke up to the sound of Jack coughing and crying. I left Tays in my bed and held Jack as Kevin got him some medicine and set up the humidifier in their room. Soon they were both back in their beds sleeping soundly. Then Austin woke up to eat...

My mom often says sleep is overrated. Mind over mattress. Maybe her words are sinking in, because I didn't mind the interruptions last night. There's something really good about caring for sick children in the night, doing what you can to make it all better, spending time snuggling together that you'd normally be spending sleeping apart. It seems like the best sort of bonding time.

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