Happy Birthday Peter

Today my youngest brother Peter turns 8! Happy Birthday Peter!!!

Peter is what I hope my boys are at age 8.

He is enthusiastic and HAPPY!

He is imaginative and friendly.

He is a sweet and innocent.

He is caring and curious.

most importantly, he is secure.

The youngest of 11 kids gets a lot of love, but Peter isn't spoiled. Today he is having a birthday party up there in Washington, and I want to be there so so much. It will be outdoors with a hot dog roast and classic birthday games. Cupcakes and candy. Our backyard surrounded by acres and acres of trees. All very green this time of year. 20+ people celebrating with Peter on this lovely summer afternoon. I'm so very jealous.

Every birthday in our family we tell something we love about the person. Here's mine to you Pete:

I love how sweet you are to me and my little family. I love how when I call to talk to mom you will take the time to tell me about your day. I love how you let your fish go because he was "just a child." I love how you tenderly play with your little nephews when we visit and set such a great example for them.

I remember the night you were born, many of us were gathered around mom's bed as we timed contractions...and hoped this would really be it. Our new brother!! She and dad eventually raced off to the hospital. What a surprise that you came with brown hair and eyes! The first and only child to take after dad. I loved taking you out in the backpack to walk around our woods, and eventually when you could walk on your own going out on "enventures" with you and Marielle. You've always been a delight. I love you, Peter and hope you have a perfect 8-year-old birthday!

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