Good times

Jack ran up to me to say:

"We saw a BEE outside!"

"Oh! Thats exciting."

"No, mom, a BEE!"

"thats exciting!"

"No, Bees are not besiding, thats scary!"

"Oh, yeah. that's scary!"

"Yeah, cus they got a STING! and they can poke us!" he says as he points out one finger dramatically to represent the stinger. Then he is off.

Then later...

I'm saying goodnight to the boys. I hug Tays then squish his tummy.

Me: Tays, you have a BIG tummy!

Jack: Yeah, (lifts up his shirt) and mine is HUGE! lemme see yours mom.

I lift up my shirt to reveal my post-baby tummy, knowing the reaction I will get. Jack doesn't disappoint.


Tays is sitting on my lap, so he squishes and squishes my tummy like I did his, delighted at the feel of it. He laughs and laughs.

That's one thing I love about Tays. He loves to laugh. The other day I was telling him he needed to be softer with Noah. He pushed down his eyebrows and said "don't say that word to me" over and over. The look on his face was so funny and I was trying to keep from laughing. When he looked into my eyes and saw I was amused he burst out laughing. Then he made the same face, and we both laughed again and again. He's my funniest child. Kev and I need only mention his name and we both crack up. Just the way he is...so funny.

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