my mop & blankies

Yesterday I finally had a burst of energy so while the 3 youngest slept I scrubbed, scrubbed, my bathroom. window sill, baseboards, shower curtain rod, floors, everything. It was great.

[Jack just walked up and said "I have a surprise for you! Your new BWANKIE!" He offered his blankie (bwankie-pooh) to me on a stick. Surprised by his generosity, I decided to play along.

"Oh, I love it! I'm going to sleep with it tonight, I cant wait!" I say.

Jack likes my enthusiasm and continues to sell me on it. "Yeah, its bery soft!" he says.

"Oh I love it, I love my new blankie! What blankie are you going to sleep with tonight?"

He pauses to think, then runs to get my green down comforter we keep by the couch. "Wook! It's your biggest bwankie! You wuv it!"

We make a trade. Everyone leaves happy. And now as I sit here with my blanket across my lap, Noah thinks it's the perfect spot for him, so he joins me.]

Anyway...cleaning. Kev and I continued my crusade last night and cleaned the rest of the main level. All that is left to do it mop and since kev bought me one of these babies :that job is a breeze. I love this mop and recommend it to anyone with a vast expanse of hard flooring.

It's funny...I first considered getting one when my in-laws dropped by and after seeing my floor subtley mentioned they had one and that we might want to look into getting one too. embarrassing....

It was at the top of my Christmas list and I use it all the time.

There is nothing like a clean house to help one's outlook on life. Especially if that one is a mother who spends countless hours within it. I try to clean up every night just before bed so I (as Jane puts it) "don't wake up to yesterday." So wise, mom, as always. The end.

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