Let's be honest...

Being a mom isn't an easy job. I often go from feeling like I can't do this to feeling like I am doing this, it isn't easy but I'm doing it, then feeling like I can't all over again. Maybe the lesson motherhood is teaching me now is to let go of anger and frustration. To find peace and instill it in my children.

Life with 4 under 4 is really hard. There is no time to spare and every hour is unpredictable. There is a sort of anxiety that is ever present, even in those rare moments when all is calm. Like I can hear a ticking but never know when the next bomb might explode. I'm not an anxious person. I'm not a worrier. But lately I have not been peaceful.

Being more consistent has helped. In general my kids are beginning to listen and be helpful. There are moments though...

like walking in to find Jack with a pair of scissors, a hole in my down comforter and feathers flying through the air. Should I laugh or cry?

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