Memorial Day

Yesterday we had Kristen (sis#1) with us and we decided to go to Bridal Vail Falls up Provo Canyon. It was a beautiful day.

Look at my manly man, not above wearing a baby on his chest all day...love him, love him.

Kristen threw together some ham sandwiches, I sliced up some apples, and we stopped along the way to buy some chips and cookies to make the day a little more special.

I LOVE introducing my children to the world, to nature. We're not super outdoorsy, I'm not tough enough to hike with two kids strapped on, or brave enough to bring 4 very small kids camping. I do, however, love the simple pleasures that come from outings up the canyon like this.

Don't you just love my neon green shirt? When Kev ran into the store to buy the chips he came out with this shirt for me. He was all excited because "it was only $1!" So of course I had to wear it immediately. Sooo flattering.

Jack discovered an inch worm on the cluster of leaves he'd brought back to the car with him. It made for a sweet moment of fascination and discovery....and this amazingly cute picture.

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