Conversation with Jack:

Me: Jackie, who is your best friend?

Jack: Kiri (our babysitter) and Marwee (marlee,sister #2) ....and Weston(Kristen's boyfirend)... and Kristen(sister #1). I wike my fwends.

*Taylor enters the scene and shares half of his brownie (well, the brownie he just snagged off the counter) with Jack, what a nice brother*

Jack (with a mouth full of brownie):Brownies help me so the yucky stuff doesn't get in my mouf.

Me:No, brushing your teeth helps you so you don't get yucky stuff in your mouth.

Jack: Oh, yeah.

Me:Who is grandma?

Jack: your mom is.

Me: what does grandma do?

Jack: um, she do's toys. um, what does her do? I can go outside now.

and off he goes.

Anyway, Austin's egg allergy means no brownies for me...it's teaching me what little will power I have. If it weren't for him I'd have eaten half the pan by now. I know, because my subconscious keeps pulling me right to them, then my conscience reminds me I can't have one. rude.

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