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My dear little boys have all been sick for about a week now. Jack has the corner on the cough market, Tays has a perpetually goopy nose, noah has both to a lesser degree, and Austin is stuffed up. A fever flares up in one of them from time to time and when I pull out the tylenol they all insist upon getting a dose (well, not Austin of course). Some nights have been better than others, some much much worse, and our days have been spent just trying to maintain some level of happiness.

We blessed Austin in church on Sunday and he looked so very cute. Kevins parents, his sister Julie, and brother Danny were there with their families. Kristen, her boyfriend Weston, and Marlee came up too. It was a sweet blessing and I'm still amazed at the spirits that the Lord is entrusting into my hands. Due to their various illnesses, Marlee and I took all of the boys home shortly after the blessing and they all took nice long naps.

I have attempted to write several times in the past several days. I'll do better. I know this post isn't much, or even really complete. I'm posting now anyway.

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  1. I love reading these. It's the next best thing to being there--even more connecting than phone calls in a way. Glad my little boys are doing better.


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