Grocery shopping

It's 11:08 pm and Kevin is out shopping. He does ALL of our grocery shopping and I highly recommend the delegation of this chore. Some people like it I guess but I really don't. Even without the kids, it's a miserable experience. Maybe because I'm such a bargain shopper I hate to buy anything that isn't on sale and with a coupon, but then I don't have time to clip coupons. I end up deliberating "do we really need refried beans?..." and even if I do have coupons I worry the whole time that something will go wrong at checkout. It's just stressful.

I know this isn't normal. There's no way most people walk down the aisles with a knot in their stomachs. There's just something about grocery shopping...unless I know I'm getting a good deal, I just can't feel okay about it. I end up feeling disoriented and jaded. It just sucks the soul right out of me. It sounds like I'm exaggerating. I'm not. Maybe it's some sort of disorder. Anyway, I've found I strongly prefer writing out a list and sending Kevin. He really doesn't mind it at all, and thinks its funny that I hate it so much.

He's great at it now, able to spot the better deals rather than just pick up the first one that he sees. And I'm completely okay even if he does get the more expensive brand. I consider the extra dollar he spent a small price to pay for not having to do the shopping myself. I'll just be more specific on the list next time.

Yet another reason why I love Kev. That and he's out re-parking the van now (again) so that his car will fit into the garage. Sorry love, but it is a tight fit...okay, okay. I stink at parking. Of course he doesn't complain though. How did I get so lucky?


  1. How funny! I'm actually the same way with doing the laundry...a huge knot in my stomach and everything...that's why Michael does the laundry most of the time. :)

  2. Interesting, Natalie...my husband does the shopping, too! I agree, it IS stressful to go to the grocery store! I asked him the other day if he's willing to keep doing it even after we have kids. He said he was already planning on having this duty the rest of our lives. Lovely.


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