Here comes the SUN

It's been a cloudy, rainy couple of days here in our neck of the woods, but today the sun is shining. It only seems appropriate that today also be the day that I CHEER UP.

I am an optimist in general, but lately I have been very cranky, whiny, woe is me. How did I get this way? Well, I stopped focusing on the important things and began seeing only what I was lacking. Only the bad stood out and so of course everything seemed hard.

The talks in church yesterday were on optimism and hope. Just what I needed to hear. Seriously.

SO...Here are some happy things to make up for all of my whining the other day:

My friend Faith randomly brought me flowers, lovely, pink, cheerful flowers, on a day when nothing else seemed good

My laundry is almost all caught up and my room is clean

I made caramel corn for the first time in my life yesterday and it turned out...I felt like Jane, making caramel corn for visitors on a sunday night. It felt good.

Austin slept for 7 hours last night.

I was able to spend time with both Marlee and Kristen this weekend, my beautiful sisters who make me feel like my young self, not my old motherly self.

The boys were all pretty well behaved in church and I actually got something out of it.

No matter how slow things are for Kev at work, he's always optimistic and excited about things, and things always do work out.

I have 4 wonderful little boys that I adore who love me back and show me how to enjoy life...

During one of the talks yesterday the speaker commented that her father always says of her children "Your kids seem to love life more than any kids I know." What a wonderful compliment. I want that to be true of mine, and for them to learn it from me. Have a happy day!

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