It's been that kind of a week

Here are my struggles with each of my children lately:


He keeps wetting his pants, but he is really sorry about it.
He talks and gets out of bed at night, then blames it on Taylor.
He is refusing to take a nap, fine...but then he melts down at around 5:30 and it makes for a really rough evening.
He keeps picking on Noah and seems to enjoy making him cry


He is the messiest eater in the land...food EVERYWHERE
He is too rough
He has selective hearing and I have to ask him to do things a million times
He probably is the bigger problem with the nighttime talking, playing


He melts down right when I'm making dinner and clings to my knees crying if I don't pick him up
He responds to the word "no" by either laughing and continuing, or flipping out for a minute
He takes short naps and wakes up cranky


His happiness depends upon my avoiding eggs (and all the wonderful things you can make with them.)
He needs a lot of attention, as all 3 month old babies do.

Thanks for letting my just throw all that out there. I know you know I love them. For every negative I could list a thousand positives. I just don't really feel like doing that right now.

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  1. Well, thank heavens for Saturday morning yard sales! That is what gets me by some days...just thinking about how many days until Saturday. It's nice to have something to look forward to every week.


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