hot day

Our air conditioner didn't work today when we turned it on for the first time this year. Actually, it is a swamp cooler on a wooden platform behind our house that has a huge tube blowing air into our window. I'll get a picture on here tomorrow. It should make you smile. It sortof looks like a huge snail climbing up our house. In order to get it running (when it does work) I have to open the window, go out to the side of our house to turn on the hose that supplies the water to the cooler (this means I have to get dressed every day), then come back in and flip the switch. Oh, and open an upstairs window to convince the cool air up to our deathly hot second story.

Well, today it didn't work and it was so so hot in my house. We spent an unusual amount of time in the basement. It was much cooler down there, but not a whole lot to do...

Jack and Taylor both refused naps today and woke Noah during their loud protests. Not the happiest moment in my day. Man, I was so mad! I'm reading a book about not spanking and my children owe that author big time. Seriously.

So, we had a hot, cranky day. Not much food in the house and a van that recently died topped it off. Nothing to eat, nowhere to go. Sweating. Crying. Whining. Aaahhh!

But then Kev came home, cleaned up, let me whine for a while, helped get the kids to bed, encouraged me to go jogging when a friend called (And by the way, jogging and talking with a friend is doubly therapeutic, so thank you Stephanie), fixed the swamp cooler (just needed a little oil), and went grocery shopping (my hero). He promises we'll get the van in this week.

And then there was the wonderful pep talk he gave me. He's not usually the one I turn to when I need a pep talk. Jane is wonderful at that. But I told him just what I needed to hear (how hard my life is, and how amazing I am for doing it, and why things are going to be better) and he recited it very convincingly. (I know, I know. but it was helpful).

I really thought today that I was going to lose my mind, I could feel it in there, just on the verge of cracking. not kidding. But here I am now. Just fine. One of the worst days ever, and I'm fine. Must remember this.

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