Today we walked up to the park again. We went yesterday when Kristen (sister #1) was spending the day with us. It was much easier yesterday, but it wasn't horrible today. Austin & Tays rode while Jack walked and Noah toddled along beside us.

Taylor is an interesting fellow. How can you give birth to someone and spend practically every one of their waking hours with them for almost 3 years and still remain so very puzzled by them? He is just silly, and spacey, and so cute, and so so stubborn. The other night we were sitting around with Marlee (sister #2) Viktor (her boyfriend), Kristen and her boyfriend Weston just talking about how funny Taylor is. Everyone had a different story to share. Some cute, some silly.

Today he wanted to ride in the stroller and he tends to get what he wants. If he doesn't he'll often push down this eyebrows and refuse to do what I want him to. He doesn't flip out, he doesn't scream, he just stands there and gives me this look that says "just try to make me." I can usually convince him to do what I want him to, but force doesn't work well. Punishment usually causes him to dig in his heels and fight even more. So stubborn. He's a good boy, a very good boy. But when he decides on something, he abandons his easy-going nature and fights for it with absolute conviction.

Today a friend gave us some beautiful cherries and he LOVES them. He's eaten so many, swallowing the pits with several, despite all my tutorials on how to spit them out. He put the container in a little basket and is carrying them around saying "I wub my berries!" I love my Tays.

P.S. I went running today. I am so out of shape, but I'm determined.

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